• From Our Wallet To Yours.

    So, BP Flite Crew. We're excited to fill you in before anybody else about all the cool swag we'll have at our merch table on Thursday, March 16 at the Geoff Tate show at Rock Hard PDX (tix still available, ya know). From Bar Pilots t-shirts and tanks to BP Betty stickers and Barred Crow windshield decals. Collector's pin-backed buttons to embroidered Barred Crow black trucker hats. And of course, Bar Pilots Emergency Chutes as seen below. Why so much merch? Just getting ready for the live shows down the road because we're preparing to record our full length record in the next few months. Remember: every time you come around, you always lift us up.

  • Why grump over Trump when you could Shout at the Turkey?

    Right now there's uncertainty swirling all around us. Our great nation is divided over our direction forward. Some folks are pumped up, some are reeling. How do we come together? Well, here's a suggestion from The Bar Pilots: Go celebrate Thanksgiving with your family. Think about why we give thanks. Leave politics out of your conversations with your in-laws. Hug and kiss when you're done then kick those a-holes out the front door. Because on Friday you're spending the evening with your pals and besties at The Heavy Metal Brewing Co giving thanks for the awesome power of pizza, beer and rock 'n roll. Aw, hell yes. What election results? Yeah, me too neither. This is an evening of guitar, bass and drums, serving up a heaping helping of crunch, gonk and bombast, the soundtrack for your good times and bad decisions. Let's just make America rock. One night at a time.

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes And It'll Be A Party.

    This is going to be wicked fun for all you ghouls and boos. The Shack is a vibey place just thrumming with hoodoo magic. Special circumstances will rise up through the floorboards and singular opportunities will present themselves in an eerie glow when the witchiest of hours covers the mountain is its black velvet cape. You'd be wise to follow your instincts and allow the spirit to enter you wholly and without reservation. For you see, this is the one true way on Halloween Saturday to present yourself as a reverent disciple of good times and bad decisions. Espy the devil dancing in the corner of your eye. He is your master of ceremonies for the evening and the Bar Pilots your orchestra of whimsy. Once inside, abandon all thoughts of exodus. Gather a deep breath, another, then enter the rite.

    Saturday, Oct 29, 9pm at The Shack, Welches, Oregon. Clatter and din provided by the Bar Pilots of Portland.

  • Portland's oldest boy band rocks Jantzen Beach.

    Our guitarist, Rob, likes to claim that we're Portland's oldest boy band. It's true that we're older than some bands but we do still think of ourselves as boys when it comes to playing together in a rock 'n roll band. We still get as excited to hit the stage as we did when we all played our first battle-of-the-band contests and talent shows. In their early years, KISS and Van Halen played every show like it was to 30,000 people even if there were just 20 fans in the bar. That's how we feel too. A great band doesn't depend on a big crowd to energize them and pull their best show out of them. A great band brings their best show regardless of the head count, because that's how they feel about their music and the need to share it, with just a few fans or to many. As we return to Red Lion's Jantzen Beach Bar and Grill, we're bringing our best show yet: new stage lighting, new songs, some new gear and the same old relentless drive that makes our band different from a lot of our contemporaries. Whether it's a cover song or an original, they're ours in delivery and energy. Come see for yourself, Friday, April 1.


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